CFO Services

If you can magically resolve one problem in your business, what would it be? This answer varies with every company and every situation. Here at TruAccounting Services, we have a solution that will assist with paving the way to success for your company. With an experienced Chief Financial Officer (CFO), you are guaranteed expert guidance in handling the financial responsibilities and management of a company including cash management, budgeting, compliance, internal controls, and strategic planning. We can offer you the benefit of an experienced CFO who will oversee the financial management of your company without adding the expense of another full time employee. Our trusted reputation and services will be at your disposal to help monitor, guide, and improve your financial processes. The long term benefits of professional CFO guidance will help pave the way to success for your company.

A CFO will study an organization’s health; this includes both financial and non-financial issues. The objective is to establish real-time measurements for the purpose of monitoring internal production, customer morale, employee satisfaction, and much more. As part of our goal to improve the quality of information you have to make decisions, there is a need to conduct an analysis of several aspects of your business.

An experienced, professional CFO is the perfect solution to any financial management requirements a growing company may have. A CFO's responsibilities encompass the accounting, administrative, control systems, financial, fundraising, and risk management aspects of the business, and is split into the following five general areas:


  • Develop a strategic direction for the business, along with supporting tactics
  • Monitor the progress of the company in meeting its strategic goals
  • Oversee the formulation of the monthly/quarterly/annual forecasts
  • Develop a system of performance metrics that support the company’s strategic direction


  • Manage the accounting, human resources, and payroll departments
  • Oversee the activities of any supplier to which functions have been outsourced
  • Participate in the functions and decisions of the executive management team
  • Implement operational best practices throughout areas of responsibility
  • Engage in acquisition selection, purchase negotiations, and acquisition integration into the business

Financial information:

  •  Oversee the compilation of financial information into financial statements
  • Report financial results to the executive management team
  • Prepare year-end financial information for tax
  • Monitor profit centers and product pricing

Risk Management:

  • Understand the current and potential risks to which the business is subjected
  • Take steps to mitigate risks, including the use of control systems, shifting risk to other parties, and insurance coverage
  • Report risk issues to executive management team
  • Ensure that the business complies with all regulatory and other legal requirements
  • Monitor known legal issues involving the company, as well as legal issues impacting the entire industry


  • Monitor projected cash balances
  • Arrange for financing to meet future cash requirements
  • Invest excess funds based on projected cash balances
  • Maintain relationship with banks, lenders, investors, investment bankers, and outside analysts